Monday, December 12, 2011

Answer #182 - Somewhere under the welcome mat

Blessed are the Meek.

Complicated notion.

I have one dog that is meek and one dog that eats that dog's lunch when said non-meek dog is done with her lunch. The meek one is the boy, the non-meek one is the girl.

The non-meek one gooses everybody. EVERYBODY.

It's disconcerting.

She eats boxes the UPS man leaves. For no good reason. They don't, say, contain meat. Or anything perishable. Just sweaters. The meek dog would never do this.

The non-meek dog chews on the meek dog like he's a chew toy from Walmart. Not that I've ever owned a Walmart chew toy.

Where's the Blessing?  
The meek one asks with his eyes.

The non-meek dog gets all the food, the chew toys, the gooses, the Christmas sweaters, the warm spot to sleep, to lick the cat whenever she wants, and the attention of almost everybody because she's absolutely adorable on top of all that.

Gotta go, she's scratching on the door and if I don't let her in she might eat the welcome mat.