Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Answer #183 - We are the People

Channeling Gertrude Stein via Senator Vi Simpson

It’s American as apple pie and chutney yes it is it certainly is. Equal representation yes it is equal and fair and right it’s Creationism alongside Judaism and Islam and Scientology and every other worshipful thing and I can respect a good story no matter who propagates it or what their head dress or how they hold their hands it’s a free country this native land of ours yes it certainly is. Free free freedom free to speak freedom of speech free thought free market where is the freedom in the market when there is inequality where is the market when inequality is the market and when did the market displace the good and true liberty as she stands there on the island sinking to her knees, all alone now. In our hands are the hearts of our children in our hearts are the minds of our children the minds the wonder in the future the future the future in the hands of those who would bring the walls in tight and hard and rope the minds like cowboys in the old west and they think they are, they certainly do. But here we stand and the good boys coming home from war not like WWII when the pride swelled in them and there they stood dapper and crisp and we shook their hands in those cafes and slapped their backs those strong backs and those good hearts but here we stand and the boys coming home from war are not like those boys no they’re not. Boys. They’re boys. They’ve always been boys and some girls too some girls some young and not young and for this freedom freedom they’re fighting with not enough armor and breathing the poisons we thought we’d outlawed in Geneva 1925 and scavenging like hermit crabs looking for shelter in the shrapnel and scrap for pride and home home home home begging to go home go home and for this we offer them a rope and tight hard walls and tell them no matter where their grandmothers come from those grandfathers who built the grand nation on their backs and with their own bleached bones and no matter their generations upon generations of head dress and hands held and eyes pleading heaven or stars or trees for mercy and light they will learn to pray pray pray our father who art the lord almighty have mercy upon us have mercy upon us here. At home. Home. Have mercy. Have mercy. Theocracy that is. A Theocracy and I am no theocrat and America is Democracy I’m a Democrat, democratic red white and blue we are guided by the stars and the bars and the good constitution by the good people by the good by the good, the right isn’t always good but the good is always right. oh say can you see oh say can you see through the tight and hard walls graffitied in dogma a mighty fortress? oh say can you see his wrath and power are great and armed with cruel hate America the Beautiful can you see?
         In good conscience, ladies and gentlemen I must insist I must, I certainly must insist upon equal representation for we the people. We are the people and we the people are individuals and we blaze our own paths we blaze them and walk unafraid into the deep woods and ladies and gentlemen pray that there will always be deep woods to blaze and places that no government has paved over forever. American as apple pie & chutney, ladies and gentlemen we are a nation of immigrants who’ve brought, thank God, God with us in many scarves and many baskets and if god is everywhere and everything then ladies and gentlemen let us teach our children to recognize the face of god everywhere they go and in every vision ever held in the mind of man of the love of god. Pray ladies and gentlemen that god is merciful pray that all gods hear us pray hard, pray hard and earnest for ladies and gentlemen we have boys and girls mothers and fathers who can’t yet come home who hide in tight and hard packed sand walls until one day they can burst from airplanes to run in open air in free air and ride in parades in New York City city of freedom and ladies and gentlemen, when they arrive with prayer beads worn down and small clenched tight in hands held in every worshipful grateful way, who are we to tell them that their god has been asked to leave America?