Friday, July 9, 2010

Answer #156 - Joel Washington

Had lunch in town today with my brother at the Village Deli.  Their motto is EAT AND GET OUT. We more or less did.

Coming out of the restaurant, I ran into Joel Washington, a friend and one of the talented painters in Bloomington.  He just did a commissioned portrait of Quincy Jones and presented it to him at the IU School of Music.  He has a show running currently in Bangkok.  I have a painting of his in my house.

Then I walked around the square to the Wandering Turtle and bought some thank you cards and a      Hmong Heart for a friend.                     

This is Jaime -  it's her store.   At least one of Joel's pieces is always in the Turtle. Jaime has a new store manager who just graduated with a degree in Music Business.  It's probable that I will get to know her better because I could use an education in music business and she was nice.

I walked across the street to Scholar's Inn Bakehouse and bought two loaves of bread - one day old.  Day old is 1/2 price.

Then I went to Big Red Liquors and picked up a bottle of Primitivo.

Adventure Boy and I are having dinner tonight with our good friend, Steve, and I've been instructed to bring bread and wine, my two favorite things.  He only looks like this at Halloween, though, and is generally in the company of an upright bass.  He'll tour with us in Michigan and Canada this month.  Say hello if you see him. He's very friendly.

After dinner, we will see a show at the Indiana Theatre, now called the Buskirk-Chumley.  We'll see Amjad Ali Khan   Carrie Newcomer and  
                                                 Tangamente as part of a World Music festival called The Lotus Festival.
  Who'll design this year's Lotus Poster, you ask?

This year, Joel Washington.  Can't wait to see it. 


  1. This was fun! Can we do it again soon?? Say hi to Adventure Boy and Steve for me!

  2. You make me home - sick.

  3. What! No Cheese ?!?...
    I'll keep this walk in mind for September.


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