Thursday, September 19, 2013

It Takes a Willage

As the music industry came undone, I came up with a notion to step out of my comfort zone and see if I could get fans and friends involved in collaborating on funding a project. It's the new world order. It's the new way. It's.. amazing. It's made me have a couple of personal Sally Field moments, not this Sally Field

This one
Actually, a little of both. But I kept them to myself, regardless.

You know, more or less.

I might be able to fund not only the new album, but projects I've long wanted to embark upon:
A visit to Africa, to visit Nyaka and write songs/record stories with the students there.. collaborative projects in Ireland and the U.S. It's given me a ton of confidence in the possibilities, let me tell you.

THANK YOU, COLLABORATORS. A world of joy is the gift you've given me.

(And I didn't even need to buy an Oscar De La Renta knock-off at TJ Maxx to celebrate the occasion)


  1. I wouldn't shelve that Oscar De La Renta purchase quite yet! There is a lot of creative stuff in that heart of yours and you got some of 'splainin' to do! All the best on this latest endeavor, Krista. Can't wait to hear this next offering.

  2. This only shows how much care and appreciation you have gathered through all of your wonderful talents.........


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