Friday, February 7, 2014

Answer #210 - Smoke the Rod

Dave, my partner, is an active guy. He loves 'the beautiful game..' (Soccer. Futbol to those of you NOT currently residing on U.S. turf).

The beautiful game is grisly sometimes. Like the time he got hit by some idiot who thought that a cleats-up, flying slide tackle known as a 'leg breaker' was a good idea for a friendly Thursday night on the turf. Compound fracture. Yep, the kind where the bones shoot out the front of your shin and your foot flops sideways.

                                     What a tool. The 'leg breaker' guy.

I'm not sure what anyone expected of a chap whose FB likes include the wretched incongruity of 'Fight Club' 

and 'Jesus..'

Which could bring me to a rant, it really could, because all too often Jesus' (the Prince of Peace) name is invoked in the name of blood sport (don't get me started on the Crusades... and their eventual lead-in to Dubya's reproachable declaration of 'holy war,' as he invaded the Iraqi oil fields - and well, here we sit: In a quagmire of endless war, a military-industrial complex that has the country, quite literally, on its knees (ouch), and Black Ops3
        to make the whole thing more palatable and exhilarating..)

See. I almost ranted.

So what do you do when life hands you titanium and a long recovery?

Here's Dave, post-surgery, still at the hospital on Tuesday. A little woozy from the anesthesia.. and in great spirits.

The thing he's 'smoking' is the titanium rod they had to pull out of his leg to fix the ACL tear, a hold-over from the leg-breaker.

Thing is.. he loves the beautiful game, despite the occasional idiot and/or body count.

And the thing is, I wouldn't have it any other way.*

*(I would maybe have the leg breaker smacked around a bit by my cousin Vincenzo, but that's not very 'folk' of me.. and is a story for another time.. to the tune of 'That's Amore..')


  1. I'm so sorry Dave (and you) had to deal with this, KD. I hope his recovery is smooth and complete. Please know I send you both my strongest Jew-Jew (eh? eh?) and love.


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