Saturday, September 1, 2012

Answer #194 - Do a Daily Blog on India, Chapter 1: Bollyblog

Bollyblog Day 1, September 1, 2012

What do you do when you've got approximately 20 hours to kill?

In the Chicago airport, enroute to London Heathrow, I’ve just tried Rick Bayless’ Frontera. It’s actually great, and the sources for all the fare look to be within about a 6-hour radius. Minimal carbon footprint, compostable plastic, and the best guacamole pretty much anywhere. Except my house.

I’m more stressed than I’ve been before a trip, as I head into India on my own. Maybe it’s being alone, without Dave. Maybe it’s that two of my close-in relatives have died in the last couple of months, and these things happen in threes, and my father keeps having worrisome dreams about me…

So I’m scared, getting on this plane to London. Yes, I’m cursed with a wild and melodramatic imagination, but still, I don’t like that I’m scared, despite all of the glorious speeches I’ve imagined at my imaginary funeral, where the football stadium at the university is crammed with people, waving farewell, enmasse, like you do at football stadiums.

Still, the guacamole rocked and now I’ll actually open up the Rick Bayless cookbook my sister sent me last Christmas.


  1. Not to devalue your fathers fears, but it looks like yours haven't fallen far from the tree, dear. Don't worry, you're not going to fall from the sky, you are too important to all of us here on earth. Keep up with the great stories and I look forward to your return.

  2. Really? You swear you'll read it if I comment? I'm only seeing this today, Sunday, so the fear factor, at least as it may pertain to your outgoing flight, is null and void (instead of "null" I typed "bull" and then I thought, hmmm "bull and Freud?" Never mind. Anyway, we would all die without you, so please don't put those thoughts out into the universe. It gets its perverse ideas from us, or so the purveyors of "your thoughts create your reality" philosophy tell me. I am rather on a downward spiral, so you wouldn't want me spinning totally out of control, would you? That's's all on you. I didn't realize you'd be taking this journey without Dave by your side, and I don't like that...but clear your mind and let the good times roll. should be, let the clichés roll. No...wait. Oh, well...sorry. Love to you, The Divine Ms. D!

  3. I swear, Willa. I read it!! And I survived! More or less in tact.... : )


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