Friday, August 13, 2010

Answer #165 - I angered the Dark Side by compulsory do-gooding

The waking dream.
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This is a phenomenon that shakes me at its most crystalline - when the dream of being awake in the room in which you're sleeping is so real and detailed that, upon actually waking, you can't be entirely sure that, this time, it's true.

It's never inane conversation in the waking dream though, not like in real life. It's always, for me, something other-worldly or surreal - something out of context involving animated articles of clothing or cheap pottery that emits eerie sounds. Or wisdom, in the voice of James Earl Jones. whichever.

Maybe we always live at the crossroad between here and there. Some of us keep a shaky grip on one plane - while others bounce around and mutter to ourselves on southern California beaches.. Go to fullsize image or in the dark corners of pubs.

A waking dream has scared me from sleeping for 3 nights running. I don't want to go back to that plane, wherever that plane is. I know, I know. It's only a dream. But face it, you don't really know what the dream state is anymore than I or any other Mr. Science walking this big blue ball might. It's not as if I'm worried I'll get trapped in some imaginary mindscape, like Leonardo DiCaprio -
(incidentally, I saw Inception Go to fullsize image at the IMAX in NYC last week. Thoroughly enjoyed the big fun & eye candy of it) -

It's just that I don't want to live in a world where the day's discarded clothing stands up and dances, as if controlled by puppeteers...

Wait, part of me kind of does want to live in that world.

But that's not the point. The point is, the pottery was creeping me out, and Why oh Why is there always some Unseen, Unnamed Dark Dread that, for some reason, wants to drag me into the Dungeon Dimensions? I mean, seriously.

What did I ever do to the Dark Side?  Go to fullsize image Except thwart it on occasion by some act of do-gooding, which is less intentional than compulsory if you happen to prefer the Side that isn't in support of the whole world being ruled by a gigantic flaming eyeball.


Maybe too much information. And besides, I just answered my own question.

Still.. 3 nights of no sleep later.. I can't entirely be sure that James Earl Jones isn't living in my Dollar Store vase.


  1. And then the reindeer come and its okay. A friend of the family gave me a quote when I was very, very little: "Be afraid to die until you have won some small victory for Humanity." I try to go to bed, afraid, every single at least I'll wake up angry...

  2. To much Disney! "Bed knobs & Broomsticks" for the dancing Clothes, and "Beauty & The Beast" for the creepy crockery. As for me; Give me the dreams, light or dark, the deeper and more detailed the better! I marvel at my ability, our ability, to create realities on both sides of the veil. "By the light through the curtain, I'll maintain my assertion that creating and perceiving necessitate the cleft". - Me

  3. Now that I think of it, another Bloomington singer/songwriter, Caroline Peyton, found herself working for Disney.... Yeah that's right, she did singing on "The Little Mermaid" & "Aladdin"..... Maybe that's your fear, that you too will find yourself one day working for the mouse!
    Or maybe.........


  4. I woke up the other morning, convinced that the dog was sat next to my bed and we'd just had a proper conversation... work that one out!

  5. Dance with, talk back: The vorpal sword for dream world = direct, clear-eyed engagement. I wouldn't suggest this except to someone willing to hold a can of hornet spray as Adventure Boy attempts nest relocation. Parallels here. (Julia)


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