Thursday, February 11, 2010

Answer #37 - MacGyver

This time, I dreamed Adventure Boy attended an AA meeting and then swung from a freeway light post, dropped onto a bus and then hopped, mid-traffic, into a minivan window.

This isn't outside of the realm of possibility, mind you (except the AA part, because Adventure Boy doesn't really drink much).  Adventure Boy was in the circus, though - and maybe you've seen his sister, Dreya, recently on the Grammys all painted in gold with Pink.  She was in an insurance commercial a while ago, swinging from a light post, hopping onto a bus...  it runs in the family. 

Anyway, it was actually kind of fun.  I watched it happen, and then in the dream it replayed on a video screen.  I woke up in a considerably better mood this morning.  Definitely better than dreaming of mud.

I sit in the office, typing, next to the studio door.  Songs coming through the door... I think this one's by Tom Paxton.  It's lovely today.  Isn't always, though.  Sometimes folks with many facial piercings are screaming about Satan on the other side of that door (not that there's anything wrong with that).  And that's not just the voices in my head.  These are the real deal.  Nice people, all pierced up and screaming about Satan.  I was in a band in Louisiana, years ago - Ophelia Exhumed (yep, you heard it here), and we played a gig with a band that had the song, 'He was the nicest Satan Worshiper that I have ever known.'  Good times.

Which leads me to conclude that I might be better served by watching MacGyver re-runs prior to bed time, rather than reading 'The Importance of Being Iceland,' no matter how starkly beautiful, no matter its gritty poignancy.  No matter my gigantic crush on Eileen Myles.  No matter her angst which is perfectly suited to mine.  No.  No matter.  It needs to be MacGyver or something of that ilk.

Because the music on the other side of the door is okay today.  I can think, I can type - I'm not contemplating homicide or liquor.  And even if there were pierced up, hairless boys singing about the devil and broken hearts in leather vests and pants belted mid-thigh, I think it'd be okay.

The answer to a good night's sleep?

MacGyver.  All these years, and it was right there.  Just behind the stack of books.

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