Saturday, February 13, 2010

Answer #39 - No one, that's who

Dave will never talk with me about any of my schemes for world domination.  Occasionally I think of starting a church of some sort in the middle of nowhere - maybe Montana.  Montana's a big place.  Maybe build a really cool church (this is where Dave comes in. If it can be built, he can build it), with some bat-shit crazy suppositions - like Scientology... I love sci-fi, so working in some sci-fi characters as part of the church historical doctrine could be fun.  Especially if they had cool super powers and Elton John sunglasses, but not lame ass living in volcanoes like the Thetans.  That's just lame.

We're driving home from a dinner party last night, and, a couple of glasses of wine in, I want to kick around my plans for my new sci-fi church and then eventual world domination, including an on-line donation basket and possibly emblazoned coffee mugs.

'Weird,' he says.

'What?  Don't tell me you've never plotted world domination by way of religion?  You worship at the altar of Vonnegut.  You've read Cat's Cradle 5 times!  Hello! Bokononism?!'

'That's fiction and you're a freak,' he says.

And now I'm mad.  So I stew about it overnight.  Grumble.. grrrr...  

Who among us hasn't contemplated gaining followers and thusly subverting the system by way of sci-fi characters and some soul-cleansing electronic machinery and a complex, color-coded system of spiritual/spatial evolution?

What the hell?

I'm not alone in this. 

"When are you going to stop being mad at me?," he asks, as he hands me my coffee.

"As soon as I find a partner whose got a little bit of evil vision for the good of me and my people."

"Is this because the album got a good review, this sudden ridiculous dabbling in world domination? Or the Monsanto article?"

"Possibly both."

Damn good review.  Funny how it can warp your perspective.  As can watching the short-sighted greed and avarice that calls itself Agri-business buy the USDA right out from under the American people.

Still, I probably won't move to Montana.

But someone's got to stop Monsanto and their attempts at world domination by mandatory use of their deadly, non-proliferating seed. Other crops aren't safe from cross-contamination.  We're already forcing Iraqi farmers to buy from them.  It's disgusting and sickening.  We're funny, us Americans.  In the name of our freedom, we allow the subjugation of millions by corporate interest.  And then we wake up, and all the crops are gone, wring our hands and wonder why? 

So, like I told him.  This may be the only way.


  1. Here's what I wrote some years ago now:

    ‘Given the choice, most people will choose comfort over Truth every time. Never mind that they ‘can’t handle it’, people don’t even want the Truth.’

    This seems to fit with what you're saying about Monsanto and society handing over the reins. I think it all comes down to a subconscious allegiance to something stronger than the notions you believe your country was founded on: materialism, acquisition, validation-by-way-of-possessions...all facets of the 'free-market, capitalistic democracy' that currently runs the whole shebang.

    Warped, totally and entirely warped.

  2. Let the wheel spin baby, let it ride! If you grab for it you could lose a finger or an I.. And all those hands already upon the wheel? Bloody; Every last one of them, bloody.

  3. Proof that it was God's plan for Dave and you to be together. God doesn't like competition, so he assigned Dave to keep you down. ;-D

    But, if you're going to continue planning, may I suggets instead of starting in Montana, you start with Zimbabwe? Or Haiti?


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