Monday, February 22, 2010

Answer # 48 - Yes, currently, I eat my friends

As I contemplate Vegetarianism for the 56th time:

I currently won't eat small animals that are kept in boxes their whole lives to ensure tenderness.
Lamb, veal.

I currently won't eat any Agri-Butchered anything that I could buy at Marsh or Kroger or Walmart or the like. Just local farm-raised meat & chicken.  I tell myself this is better because I can see, myself, that the cows are pretty peaceful most of their lives, walking around and munching grass.  They seem unafraid of their fate.  And chickens are ridiculously stupid, but even they need to peck and squawk in the air. 

And, in principle, currently, I don't eat pigs raised anywhere because they're so smart.  Even though, to their extreme detriment, they taste really good.  I wish they'd make an evolutionary leap to tasting bad.

I'm a failure so far at Vegetarianism, though I tell myself that soon I won't be.  A failure, that is. I also tell myself that we are Carnivores and that we're genetically wired for animal protein.  And this is why I probably should eat that turkey bacon.  And that Red Rooster.

See full size image

Red Rooster

Red Rooster
is not in his pen
where did he go?

he was buggin' the hens
we gave him away

how come
we eat chicken
but let someone else
eat Red Rooster?

you don't
eat your friends
do you?

I'd hate
to be eaten
by a stranger

beat it kid
you bother me    - Ric Masten (from Words & One-Liners)


  1. I've never been so relieved to be smarter than a pig.

  2. I'm not sure I *am* smarter than a pig (isn't that a show on Fox?) Pretty sure that, if intelligence sets the baseline for what is, and is not, to be eaten, cannibalism is where our dinner table should begin. Jessica Simpson: She's what's for dinner.

  3. Krista, some new concepts on eating your friends for you to take heed of on your international touring:

    From the NY Times: "Writing for The Sydney Morning Herald, Tayissa Barone observed: There’s a new semi-vegetarian wave emerging in Australia: people who exclude all meat except kangaroo on environmental, ecological and humanitarian grounds. They call themselves *kangatarians* and are slowly growing in numbers.

    Kangatarianism answers ethical concerns too; kangaroos roam free and are slaughtered more humanely than farm animals, and their meat is organic.

    In The Centralian Advocate, Miriam Raphael noted another term used by kangatarians: *vegeroo*. Raphael also reported on the possible emergence of *cameltarianism*. Jimmy Cocking, from Arid Lands Environment Centre told Raphael that in areas such as Alice Springs “camel is one of the more ethical meats you can eat” – since the animals are being culled anyway."


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