Sunday, June 13, 2010

Answer #149 - Kerrverted

We arrived at the YO Hotel in San Antonio at about 11:30 in the morning.  It was a great room - big bed.. a stuffed grizzly bear in the lobby, also a giraffe and countless animal heads on the wall.

We got to the ranch - a sprawling beautiful place, rolling hills, trees, and 'camps' everywhere.  The first thing the intake staff said was, 'Welcome Home!'

There was a meal served to all of the volunteers (some 400) that work at the ranch during the festival.  Tuna & pasta, vegan pasta, ole slaw, broccoli, cornbread, watermelon, cookies.

The volunteer staff consisted of a wide range of folks - from those that had been there since the beginning, to college students on break... lots of dreadlocks, lots of former hippies... lots of folkies... lots of music.. people strumming guitars, singing under the trees...

Are you going around to the camps tonight?

was the common question.  All through the surrounding hills were song circles - camps that had been in place for nearly 30 years - every summer.   So at the end of the performances, we headed into the woods...

Tomorrow: Kerrcampers


  1. You still haven't gotten a good nights sleep, have you? The YO is in Kerrville, darling.
    Looking forward to seeing you in the Fall. I guess I'll take a number if I have to.


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