Monday, January 18, 2010

Answer #13 - I see Dead People

I've written pages of bad poetry.  I'm proud of this.  I've held many, many jobs, ranging from Personal Concierge [don't ask] to Restauranteur [don't ask].  I'm proud of this.

But my friend, Marc, has a chance to be a janitor at a funeral parlor, and I'm really, really proud of that. That's the stuff that the Great American Novel is made of.  Me.. I'm looking for meaning and wheeling and dealing, so I don't really have time to look for funeral parlor work - but man, if I could!

Reminds me of the haunted house I lived in Louisiana.  Really strange stuff happened all the time - the tops of flowers would be pulled off their stems and strewn about, my dog used to sit and bark at the wall, the whole place filled with fog in the middle of the day, more than once.  Not kidding.  And I wasn't alone.  Corroborating evidence a-plenty.

But I've noticed that in Louisiana, haunted houses are a given.  Of course there are haunted houses... all those Mississippi Delta ghosts and the like.  I wrote a song called 'The Ghosts of Peach Street' about direct experience, substituting the name CaroleAnne for Carol Spann, so as to protect the innocent.  Until now.  But I digress.

I watched a Discovery Channel special positing a theory that the human soul maybe jumps into hyperspace at the moment the physical body dies.  I like this idea.  Hyperspace sounds fun.  I suppose this is blasphemous, but really, there's nothing anywhere that states definitively that Heaven is not Hyperspace.  And they both start with an H.  

Spent the morning on the phone, trying to figure out when to release the album in the U.S.  If I were, say, Taylor Swift, this would be a sizeable undertaking and involve many be-suited (or, at the minimum, slicked-haired) guys.  In my case, just me and my trusted lawyer.  He's a smart guy.  I'm probably going to have to change the release date.  AGAIN.  This is a blunder.  This is worth a negative 10 points.  Lots of money (this is a relative 'lots) expended, and other important stuff rides on the execution of this thing. 

So why the U.S. release date blunder?

Because I see dead people.  They're distracting.  Them and the voices... well... I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Actually, there is a substantial body of work regarding the 10 dimensional nature of the Universe as it relates to Grand Unification Theory, String theory and the interwoven nature of "branes" and multiple universes. Not "Hyperspace" as such, but Aunt Gertie is there...waiting for us all...


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