Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Answer #2 - Because Showtime just might use one of your songs someday and then you'll be hugely famous

I'm starting the day sending out the first round of promo CDs to the friendly folks who critique for a living and whom are sympathetic to my cause - translation: like my music. This is time-consuming but important. They're important people who can determine, early on, how a disc might be received. And they're honest. Important. The album release tour is right around the corner (March) - and this morning, alone, I've already spoken with Germany, England, Michigan, Kansas, Seattle, on-line retailers, on-line digital distributors, a woman who'd like to open some shows on the Dutch leg of the tour, my Euro record label (not nearly as pretentious as it sounds), my lawyer and my wonderful U.S. agent (in case he's ever reading this). Twice. And it's 10:00am.

Yesterday, two UK shows fell through because of double-booking, or possibly because Mercury is in retrograde or the Moon is in the 7th House. I'm waiting to see if a deal to push a new song on-line is met with approval by my attorney and whether or not ANOTHER U.S. label is interested. The retail industry is declining rapidly. Grab your discs while you can. They'll go the way of the dinosaur.

I'm instituting a points system, based on advance or regress, daily. So far I'm at -2 points

Clearly, as of yesterday, the cons outweigh the pros. We'll see how today goes.

Which brings me to the question:

Why do I put myself through the Wringer of Adulation & Rejection on a Daily Basis in a Declining Industry?

My last two discs are sitting at Showtime with a lovely Line Producer. He had really wonderful things to say about them, including, 'beautiful and poignant pieces don't often find their way into the show [Weeds], but we'll definitely keep them on file.'

I'm holding out for the beautiful and poignant minute when Mary Louise Parker (whom I bear a striking resemblance to) falls desperately in love with some poet (who bears a striking resemblance to Lord Byron, minus the club foot) and they notify me that one of my songs will close out the episode. Then I'll watch the download cash roll straight into my bank account and the world will be my oyster.

That's why.


  1. Not to be nickpicky but isn't Weeds on Showtime?

  2. Krista, if anyone deserves the world as her oyster, it's you. Good luck with having one of your tunes selected to close out an episode of Weeds! Sharon

  3. Point taken, Greg. Showtime it is.

  4. No Krista you aren't the Mary Louise Parker type. More like a shorter Nicole Kidman, dark eyed and dark haired.

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