Monday, April 26, 2010

Answer 109 - Hawaiian for 'Dude, whoa Dude'

What better way to start a Monday morning than with a smattering of my sister's Keanu Reeves Haiku collection?  Sure, there are those who might say, 'Well, actually, I can think of at least 12 ways and you're scaring me,' but

Fear is mind-killer
you should really just relax
my dog can smell dread

Hey U, Can U Keanu Haiku?

Johnny Mnemonic
Truly Shakespearian angst
There is no sandwich

Acting skill subpar
And yet, no woman born would
Pick Jack Nicholson

Keanu? Means What?
Hawaiian for "Dude, whoa, Dude"?
Or "Bad SciFi Film"?

Keanu Reeves
Bad acting for the ages
He will never die

Keanu, Hamlet
Makes no sense, and yet happened
Shakespeare rolls in grave

Nineteen Sixty-Four
DOB, yet I suspect
Cloned in lab somewhere

Bram Stoker is not
thrilled by your mediocre
dramatic interp

Bill, Ted, I loved you
A. Winter - off planet fell
With Reeves I am left

Rush Rush Reeves Abdul
"Have you ever been in love?"
Career move think not!

Your 'accent' in the
Coppola Dracula, was
Downright pathetic!

Oh Keanu Reeves
I met you once in the park
You like Gatorade.

My favorite part
In Bill and Ted’s Adventure
Was dead George Carlin

When young I had crush
But have you seen him lately?
Dude, shave the beard, please

Don't know the names of all the contributors, but you know who you are...

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