Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Answer 95 & 96 - I'm a bunny disguised as Winona Ryder

I want to say that everyone does it.
You know, snags food from the free breakfast buffet at the hotel...

Come on!  This is Europe!  The breakfast buffet is freaking amazing... fresh rolls, cheese, fruit, muesli, pastries... little packets of pindakaas (peanut butter, xlated, literally 'peanut cheese' in Dutch) - yogurt, fruit juices, eggs (boiled, scrambled), meats... it's unreal.  And it actually tastes like food, unlike any breakfast buffet you might run across in the U.S., that tastes like it was poured directly into bread-shaped molds and egg-shaped molds and fruit-shaped molds from a Sisco Food-Style-Products bag. (well, some of the high-end natural food giants (translation - expensive) and smaller chain co-ops (Bloomington's own Bloomingfoods) are the exception.


Today I made a sandwich for lunch from the buffet and then and asked Dave to stuff it in his jacket.

This is so tacky, I know, but we're musicians.  Who knows when the next free meal will come along!?

I'm starting to fray around the edges a bit.  Too long from reality as I know it, which, of course, means the voices get louder... (heh) (hee) (ho.. hee hee hee hee...)  Maybe I'm turning into Winona Ryder, and the idea of pilfering something makes the voices somehow quieter, eh?  

It's the illusion of control, maybe.  Maybe breaking the rules like some sort of.. of... maverick (like Sarah Palin said she and John McCain were right before she winked at the camera for the 3,000th time, causing me and half the people I know to groan and increase their prozac dosages) - anyway, being on the road feels, one month in, like being in that rabbit-catching machine that they invented in the Wallace and Gromit movie.  

So am I a bunny in a vacuum or am I Winona Ryder?

Apparently I'm both.  I'm a floating bunny in a plastic bunny vacuum, that thinks it's Winona Ryder and feels compelled to pilfer good Dutch cheese.

ssshhhhh, voices.   Tomorrow they'll certainly be another breakfast buffet!

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  1. 'Cracking peanutcheese, Gromit/Krista' and as long as you're not stealing music, it's alright.

    Here are the lyrics I mentioned, I thought it better not to send the music as well.

    Loudon Wainwright III:Something For Nothing

    This song is performed by Loudon Wainwright III and appears on the album So Damn
    Happy (Live) (2003).

    You can pull one of my songs right out of thin air.
    Go ahead and download me, see if I care!
    In love, war, and cyberspace everything's fair,
    And it's ok to steal, 'coz it's so nice to share.

    You're in luck, 'cos last night it happened again,
    I was feeling creative about twenty to ten.
    So I sharpened a pencil, then I wore down its end,
    And now soon you'll have something to share with your friends.

    It took twenty minutes to write down this song,
    Tune's public domain, but I didn't do wrong,
    I chewed up the pencil, and the eraser's all gone,
    Scratched my head and my balls, but it didn't take long.

    Songwriting's not so hard, it's well understood,
    Anyone can do it, and everyone should,
    And I'm sure you could write and sing something as good,
    With some balls and a pencil, I'm sure that you would.

    A PC's like a crowbar, it's only a tool,
    Music flows like water from a big public pool,
    But I wanna get paid for my work, but I'm a fool,
    Because trading and sharing's so awesome and cool.

    I don't mean to be flip, I don't wanna be pat.
    And those Metallica guys are all getting too fat!
    Free information, yeah, what's wrong with that?
    Something for nothing, that's where it's at--

    And those moguls run labels, and you call 'em all crooks,
    'Cos they crunch the numbers and they cook the books.
    But I signed that contract, and I got my hand shook,
    Shaking hands with the devil, it's not as bad as it looks.

    You can pull one of my songs right out of thin air.
    bootleg and download me, just see if I care!
    In love, war, and cyberspace everything's fair,
    And it's ok to steal, 'coz it's so nice to share.


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