Friday, April 30, 2010

Answer 113 - I'll ask H.G. Wells

I've walked a crooked mile, I think.. flown a crooked mile.. dreamed a crooked dream..

In a house where someone has individually painted each brick by hand, someone dreamed a dream and slowed down time long enough to pick up a brush and a paint palette - and paint bricks.

Someone else picked up knitting needles and slowed down time long enough to make socks.

How does this happen - this slowing down of time long enough to paint bricks and knit socks?

There is a cat by the basement door.  Time is always slow for him.

I'm expecting a phone call.

The phone will ring and I will be thrown through the phone line into the near-distant future, on a crooked road where decisions will need to be made.  But not about today.

Be Yourself, the decorative picture in the bathroom says, above the quote -

My mother said to me, 'if you are a soldier you will become a general,
if you are a monk you will become the Pope.'
Instead I was a painter and I became Picasso.

Instead I was a musician and threw myself across the world and back - and walked a crooked mile into the near-distant future, where other cats sit at other doors and phrases turn like waterwheels... in the future, when I slow time down long enough to knit brick-colored socks for cats.

Today, the road bends.


  1. Here's hoping your roads curve gently and never too acute — and the future is not successful in robbing you of your "here and now"! :-)

  2. Here's hoping the road bends back over the Atlantic some time soon!

  3. No worries, Its just the road to Denver! Don't be late though.

  4. K - I'm often asked, "But what ever do you do for 18,21, 48 days (U-PIC-EM) "at sea" with no sight of land?" Think "Cat on the window seat in the afternoon sun." Someday, perhaps, you too will understand.

    FYI - Check out for a summary (w/pics) of the latest venture of "The Old Man & The Sea".


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