Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Answer 90 - Because you might squish the ladybugs

The carnival in Bremen last night was surreal and wonderful. Mushrooms, fischfilet, kuchen... candied nuts, lights, lights... lights...

We stumbled on it after a walk in the Park.

There were signs in the park that said 'Don't step on the grass,' we think.  Because no one was on the grass.  Why can't you step on the grass in Bremen?

We ate Chinese food that was salty and drank nothing because no one in Europe drinks water in a glass, only bottles.

The sauna this morning was cedar.  No one had towels or clothes on.  We drank cold water and stayed in as long as we could.

We'll go to town now and give coins to the street musicians.  

Someday, I'll set up a guitar case and sing to strangers... 
with blue shoe buckles and rich men's lives.

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