Tuesday, March 16, 2010

#69 - To the Sulfur and Red Bull Store

Where the path of difficulty crosses the easy, mark a holy place. - Black Elk

Day 9 of the siege of replicating snot cells in my entire cranial cavity, and I believe it's possible that I may have come down with that nasty virus that Stephen King wrote about in The Stand.  I tend to the dramatic, and hence, must be overcome with something horrific and possibly supernatural in origin.

I'm trying to mind the words of Black Elk as I contemplate the suitcases unpacked, the plans unfinalized, the dogs ungroomed and the refrigerators un-emptied of leftovers from last September.

I said to Adventure Boy, "I think I'm going to get one of those energy drinks - because what I have to do today is everything and what I can do today is think about sleeping.  And blow my nose."

To which Adventure Boy responded, "NO!  You'll destroy your immune system with that crap!"

To which I countered, "My immune system has failed me miserably and deserves to be destroyed!"

To which he pronounced, assuredly, "You need more ginger tea!"

To which I dismissed, "Yeah, that seems to be terribly effective. Now where did I put the echinacea and the cats claw? Oh, I remember!  Next to the jar of leeches you collected!"

To which he chided, "You need to keep cleansing your system and trying to get healthy."

And where, in this stale mate, can one go?

"WRONG!" I yelled, as I jumped onto the table, (the place I like to give my oratories generally) "MY SYSTEM IS LIVING WITHIN A LARGER ECO-SYSTEM THAT IS COMPLETELY FOULED AND TOXIC." - It's possible you may be killing with me with all your insistence on healthy choices. I need to be able to survive the PCBs and the toxic waste and the damage the cell phone's doing to my brain every time I pick it up.  I need to FIT IN with the toxins, not STAND OUT!!  Not 'cleanse my system!'  No. That's just made me more vulnerable. It's time that I take matters into my own hands."

Starting with sulfur in my socks and a big swig of Red Bull.  And THEN, I'll mark a holy place.

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  1. This is probably old news, but I was just listening to The Midnight Special and Rich Warren said "Clock of the World" was one of the best songs of the past several years. I agree and I'm not even sure what all the lyrics are about. It's just so beautiful musically.

    Hope you get well soon. Enjoy your time in Europe with Adventure Boy!


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