Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Answer 76 - D.H. Lawrence DNA

We're in the English coutryside.. West Sussex, in a converted cattle barn - it's an amazing cottage now, that came into its current incarnation at the end of the 19th century.

Shortly after its conversion, D.H. Lawrence spent 6 months here.

Says Mike, the bass player: 'Can you imagine what a CSI team might find if they came in here?'

I never think of things like that - I always imagine much more romantically where he stood when he wrote - were the daffodils in bloom like they are now.. ?  But Mike's an organic chemist.  Naturally he thinks of DNA.

The far end of the building next to us in this homestead appears on a survey from the year 1071.  So here we sit, traveling musicians who are generally fine with sleeping on a couch, nestled snuggly in a converted cottage, in a homestead that was first surveyed in the 11th century, hanging out with the ghost of D.H. Lawrence, with (and this is the truly unbelievable part) wireless internet.

Have to go take a walk down the country lane before sound check.

And there's a sentence I don't write everyday.


  1. Does the cottage come with a gardener ;-)

  2. How beastly the bourgeois is ...


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