Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Answer 124 - Aliens implanted it. Yes.


The best part of being a traveler is the people I meet.

I get books in the mail from time to time from people I've come across on the road - and this time, from an author.
   The book, Underwear by the Roadside, is a chronicle of the journey of Glen Hanket and his wife, Sue walking across the country, picking up garbage on the side of the road.  Nomadic environmentalists...  I'm only just past the forward, but the author can beautifully turn a phrase and draw the scenery into imagination - so I'll take the trek with him.

I like that people like this exist - the ones that follow a wacky dream and toss security to the wind.  We're still such squirrels, most of us.  Holed up in safe hollows.. collecting nuts.. going quietly nuts...

The leap of faith is the thing I've stood on the edge of, off and on, for years.  I've jumped once in a while.  It's always been a good thing - it's always yielded some amazing result.  It's always been for the best, despite letting go of the guard rail and realizing that no net would catch me.

So if every leap has lead to a new chapter that was better than what I could have conceived, why is every new leap such a blasted struggle?

Why does my hand have a death grip on the guard rail, for god's sake?

Is it possible that someone implanted a powerful magnet under my skin?

Will insurance pay for the magnet to be removed?  Or will I have to get Adventure Boy to do it?  Because he probably could... develop some magnet extraction device.  Out of wood.


I'm sure it can't be me.. that would clearly represent a lack of intention, and more to the point, a certain cowardice.

No. No.  It's definitely a magnet.  I'll most likely have it removed.

As soon as I get my hand off the guard rail

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