Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Answer 131 - A-Flutter is the new A-Twitter

The pickins are slim.

Sex in the City 2 tickets on sale now, says the email that I inexplicably get from Fandango.

Robin Hood's been re-made.

Again.  Even with Cate Blanchett, I don't think I can make myself do it.

The Prince of Persia?  Er... I suppose this is in some way meant to ease tensions with Iran?  I liked Jake Gyllenhall so well in Donnie Darko.  Action figure? er..I dunno...

I missed the season finale of House, the only TV show I have ever cared to watch for any length of time (well, I was a big fan of Green Wing and Spaced, both on BBC, but, with good sense, the shows only ran 2 seasons... for whatever reasons, the BBC doesn't like to drag things out across generational lines and through multiple reincarnations of dead characters and plot lines the way we like to.  but I digress), but have been a little annoyed with the lengthy analysis sequences betwixt he and his therapist.  Liked him better as an unapologetic, vicodin-popping, call-girl patronizing ass, rather than someone who opens up about his feelings and looks off in the distance, soulfully.  Character development, schmaracter development... Bah...

This coming from me.  Funny.

I think there's another vampire movie out.  This one involving a werewolf and a plot twist.  And possibly Joan Jett.  I think...

I'm waiting on The Deathly Hallows.  I'll admit it.  Alan Rickman may be the sexiest actor to grace the screen.  When he puts on the long black cape, seriously, my knees get weak. Don't get me started on his wand. Also awaiting the BBC's production of Pratchett's Going Postal.  I've seen the trailers.  I'm all a-twitter. (just realized that means something else entirely now, doesn't it?).

"Why don't you just move to England if you like the BBC so much?" any number of my neighbors up here on Fulford Holler might ask.

"Cause they drive on the wrong side of the road, Virgil," I'd probably quip.  "You know that, buddy."

"It ain't right," Virgil would probably acknowledge, as he tossed me a PBR.

"Come on, let's go see Robin Hood," I'd probably concede.

"Hey! That's another movie about England, idn't it?," he might notice.

"Sure, Virg, but Russel Crowe's playing him." I'd console.

"Least an American'll do it right," Virgil might pronounce.

"It's playing at the drive in," I'd offer, unwilling to shatter his illusion and clue him into Crowe's Aussieness.

"Yeah! That way we can throw beer cans at the screen if we don't like it."

 A swank new housing development's going in just a mile up the road.  This isn't good news.  I like my neighborhood just the way it is, and don't want to see a bunch of shiny black hummers replacing the rusty pick-ups.

After the movie, Me and Virgil might sneak out there and shoot up the 'for sale' signs with my .22.

Don't tell anybody.

And no, those weren't our PBR cans.


  1. Just in case you haven't seen it; The GP movie finally has a website worth looking at :
    Robin hood's biggest crime was being pagan, wearing green honoring Brigit (Thus the label "Brigand") and fighting to keep the church from getting between people and divinity "Organized Religion is the best defense against a religious experience." - Jung)
    Spaced was brilliant, Coupling as well, Strangerers never got a chance and Red Dwarf went to long... If you haven't had the opportunity you might give "Misfits" a try.
    Alan Rickman's best? "Truly madly deeply' & "Dogma"
    And his Snape of course.

  2. K -- I love your blogs. They make my day. M


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